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Readings from Heaven with Pam and Alan Johnson

Pamela's husband, psychic medium Alan Johnson crossed to the other side on August 6, 2020, then immediately returned to Pam to let her know that he was still very much alive and that they had a soul contract to continue their relationship through the veil between the two worlds. Pam and Alan are currently in the midst of writing a book about their journey to resume their love affair, titled Supernatural Love, a True Story of Life, and Love After Death. 

Alan’s efforts to prove his existence through direct contact with Pam and through their many friends, clients, and members of their Facebook group, Supernatural Love, eventually led to them coaching others who wished to make contact with a loved one in Heaven. 

Since there was no guidebook for forging interdimensional relationships they were left to figure this out on their own.

Souls on the other side must learn how to harness their energy to project it to the earth plane to make discernible contact, which Alan assists them with, while Pam helps souls here to heal themselves and awaken spiritually so they can more easily experience their loved ones.

For over 30 years, Pam and Alan Johnson have worked as psychic mediums, healers, and spiritual teachers serving clients in Honolulu and around the world.  

$197 for a One Hour Reading or a Supernatural Love Coaching Session including an mp3 recording

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The Supernatural Love Facebook Group 

Join Pamela and Alan in their private group where Pam first began sharing her experiences of Alan reaching out to her from the other side, as featured in their soon-to-be-published book, Supernatural Love, a True Story of Life and Love After Death.   

It was in this very Facebook group that Pam chronicled the unfolding story of Alan's attempts to reconnect with her so they could re-establish their relationship.

Alan's constant stream of messages to Pam, the many healings, and other phenomena he helped her to facilitate proved to Pam and the other members of their community that Alan had indeed not only survived death but had returned with abilities that he didn't have before.

Alan was eager to work with Pam to help people learn how to live and love through the veil. 

The Supernatural Love group is the place to be if you are in need of experiencing more love, hope, and healing. 

This is where Pam shares Alan's messages from Heaven which she says will continue until she leaves this world to return with Alan to Heaven. 

Until then, their Supernatural Love adventure continues!  


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