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    Attunements are custom energy downloads from Source channeled through Pamela that can heal, transmute, and upgrade your energy field.

    Want to develop your clairvoyance? Could you use more energy?  Would you like to boost your self-love, your confidence and abundance? 

    A near-death experience left Pamela with the ability to pass these healing transmissions.

    Popular Attunements that are offered in her webinars include:  Third Eye Activation, Healing Financial Stress, Soul Love Attunement, Energize Me!, and Zero Anxiety.  

    Available for immediate download!

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    Learn Reiki Online

    Get ready to unleash your Inner Healer by learning Reiki.

    Are you interested in the healing arts but don't know where to begin?  Would you like to start a career as a healer or a professional intuitive?  Are you in need of healing for your mind, body, and spirit?  

    If so, learning Reiki might be the answer.

    If you are emotionally sensitive, you may be an empath, which means you are a natural born healer!  Reiki is the perfect way to turn the burden of your enormous sensitivity into your greatest gift. 

    Your career as an energy healer can begin with this one-of-a-kind online program that features live coaching, training, and practice sessions to help you reach your full potential.   

    You'll also receive additional healing attunements to help you heal and develop your healing gifts with grace and ease.

    More than a powerful healing modality, Reiki is a spiritual path that can connect you to your life purpose like nothing else can!.  


    The first step is to join Pamela's Facebook group, Reiki for Empaths where she does Reiki healings twice a week and teaches introductory classes on Reiki.

    Access the Facebook Group NOW
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    Soul Authority Academy

    Join Pamela for webinars, group and one-on-one healings, Q & A, and special classes to help you develop your intuition and healing abilities.

    Pamela will help you develop your intuitive gifts, open your energy centers- especially the heart and the pineal gland in the brain, so that you can tap into all of your spiritual and personal power. 

    This is how to change your life from the inside out. 

    In the academy, you have access to all of Pamela's healing attunements and webinars, including her Angel Intuitive Practitioner course to learn how to do angel readings and her Angels of Manifestation Masterclass that teaches you how to work with your Spirit team for self-healing and higher guidance.

    Join Today

    What is Soul Authority Academy?

    I created Soul Authority Academy as a way to offer powerful spiritual healings and ongoing support to clear the true cause of any problem--your distortions--to get to the root of it and remove it. The strategy is to release the past which is the only thing that prevents anyone from manifesting what they want right now. I am so excited to support you on your path. If you're thinking that this might work for others but it won't work for you, I encourage you to join us for 3 days for free and let the miracles and transformation speak for themselves. You've got nothing to lose except what has been keeping you stuck. Join me on the inside! 


    "I’ve been a member of the Soul Authority Academy since August 2019 and it has been such a blessing.

    I use the Reiki attunement regularly, whenever I’m feeling the need emotionally, but I recently fell and sprained my ankle so that was so helpful. Healing was incredibly smooth and speedy!

    I would say the financial attunement is the one that gets the most play for me, and not only has my anxiety reduced, but many work opportunities and surprising resources have been showing up to support me.

    In general, I also feel more grounded, as my distortions around debt, money, wealth, abundance, worthiness, etc., all start to untangle and align more with love.

    I am very grateful for the work you share with us and the membership fee is ABSOLUTELY worth more than the monetary amount spent.

    I look to the site as my energy medicine cabinet. I can always find something perfect to help raise my vibration and bring healing energy; and if I don’t feel better immediately, I most definitely do the next day."

     Cindy Ramirez

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    Pamela Johnson

    After a near death experience, Pamela  gained the ability to work with the spirit world to help people heal and claim their spiritual power.  

    Her down-to earth- style is accessible and practical.  Yet at the same time, her approach to teaching Reiki and spiritual development is very advanced, gaining her a loyal, enthusiastic following in Hawaii, where she lives and around the world. 

    Her goal of serving more people led Pamela to offer free healing webinars every month in her Facebook group: Intuitive Empaths.  There she offers guidance, support, and healing for anyone interested in living a more spiritually-focused life.  

    The Intuitive Empath Facebook group is where you can connect with Pamela and learn more about her unique, extraordinary gift of healing the Soul.  

    Join Pamela's Facebook Group Now: Intuitive Empaths

    Pamela offers webinars on a donation basis: if you would like to donate and support her work, you may CLICK HERE.

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