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    Attunements are custom energy downloads from Source channeled through Pamela that can heal, transmute, and upgrade your energy field.

    Want to develop your clairvoyance? Could you use more energy?  Would you like to boost your self-love, your confidence and abundance? 

    A near-death experience left Pamela with the ability to pass these healing transmissions.

    Popular Attunements that are offered in her webinars include:  Third Eye Activation, Healing Financial Stress, Soul Love Attunement, Energize Me!, and Zero Anxiety.  

    Available for immediate download!

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    Readings from Heaven with Pam and Alan Johnson

    Pamela's husband, well known psychic medium Alan Johnson, passed away on August 6, 2020, but immediately made it known to Pam that he was still very much alive and wanting to work with her.

    The amazing story of his return to Pam, his efforts to prove his existence through many friends, clients, and members of their Facebook group, Supernatural Love, helped launch their joint psychic reading practice.  Within 3 months they worked with over 100 clients, with a two month waitlist at on time.

    Sessions are $197 for 60 minutes and include a digital audio recording for you to download.  To book now or to check our schedule, click on the link below. 


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    The Supernatural Love Facebook Group 

    Join Pamela and Alan in their private group where Pam first began sharing her experiences of Alan reaching out to her from the other side, as featured in their soon to be published book, Supernatural Love.   

    It was in this Facebook group that Pam chronicled the unfolding story of Alan's attempts to re-establish a relationship with her. 

    Alan's messages to Pam, the many healings, and other phenomena he facilitated helped to prove to Pam and the other members of their community that Alan had indeed not only survived death but had returned with abilities that he didn't have before.  

    The Supernatural Love group is the place to go if you are in need of more love, hope, and healing. 

    Pam and Alan give free healings and guidance to the many members there who have become a second family to them.  

    This is where Pam shares Alan's messages from Heaven which she says will continue until she leaves this world to return with Alan to Heaven. 

    Until then, their Supernatural Love adventure continues!  


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    What is the Soul Authority Academy?

    I created Soul Authority Academy as a way to offer powerful spiritual healings and ongoing support to clear the true cause of any problem--your distortions--and get to the root of it and remove it so you can heal your life. 

    A distortion can be defined as a subconscious belief, pattern, or program that you have that has caused a misalignment with who you really are, your Higher Self, your Soul. 

    This is the reason you continue to struggle and can't create lasting change for yourself.  

    My goal is to help you clear your distortions which is the only thing that prevents anyone from manifesting what they want right now.

    I'm excited to support you on your path of healing and transformation.

    Academy members have reported positive changes and healing in many areas of their lives!  


    "I’ve been a member of the Soul Authority Academy since August 2019 and it has been such a blessing.

    I use the Reiki attunement regularly, whenever I’m feeling the need emotionally, but I recently fell and sprained my ankle so that was so helpful. Healing was incredibly smooth and speedy!

    I would say the financial attunement is the one that gets the most play for me, and not only has my anxiety reduced, but many work opportunities and surprising resources have been showing up to support me.

    In general, I also feel more grounded, as my distortions around debt, money, wealth, abundance, worthiness, etc., all start to untangle and align more with love.

    I am very grateful for the work you share with us and the membership fee is ABSOLUTELY worth more than the monetary amount spent.

    I look to the site as my energy medicine cabinet. I can always find something perfect to help raise my vibration and bring healing energy; and if I don’t feel better immediately, I most definitely do the next day."

     Cindy Ramirez

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