Powerful Healing on Demand for Your Soul

Join today and receive immediate access to Pamela's powerful healing webinars that clear the true cause of any problem, get to the root of it and remove it.  Receive on-demand support to release what is preventing you from manifesting what you want right now. Imagine all the energy clearing and healing you need always there at your fingertips.

It's no wonder members like to call the membership, their "Energy Medicine Cabinet". 

Training & Support for Energy Healers

Learn about developing intuition, Law of Attraction and quantum manifestation, and experience healing sessions custom created for Soul Authority Academy members.

Ongoing support and training based on the questions, needs, and goals of the members is always a priority.

COMING SOON!  Reiki Basic Training Certification Course

Welcome to Your Soul Family

For less than $1 a day, clear any distortions or blocks standing in the way of your highest potential.

Imagine what you could create in your life if you healed your mind, body, and soul!  

Access the collective power of our heart-and-soul-focused community and watch the miracles unfold.


Are you ready to find emotional balance,  harness your intuition, and become happier, healthier, and more abundant? 

Pamela's  Soul Authority Academy for Healers provides powerful spiritual healings and ongoing support to clear whatever is blocking you from manifesting your full potential.

Sign up today and start healing, learning, and transforming your life with our special FREE 10-Day trial good for a limited time only!  






Save money and make a powerful statement to the Universe! Give yourself the gift of a whole year in Soul Authority Academy and get two months free!  Membership will automatically renew each year unless canceled.

Healing on Demand for your Soul

VIP Trainings and Personalized Content

Amazing High Vibe Support and Heart-Centered Community





Less than $1 a day for powerful spiritual energy healings to clear anything that's blocking you from manifesting your heart's desires. Membership will automatically renew each month.  Cancel anytime.

Healing on Demand for your Soul

VIP Trainings and Personalized Content

Amazing, High Vibe Support and Heart-Centered Community


"Through Pam’s guidance and attunements, I have been able to enhance my psychic gifts and clear beliefs that may have been holding me back. I feel that without the membership I would still be a healer in hiding and would not have made such amazing progress. Having the support and deep knowledge of Pamela and the group has increased my confidence and has helped me live more in my power. It is overwhelming to try and figure it out on my own, and I love the community and the support."

Tracy Wright Corvo
Professional Photographer

"Joining Soul Authority accelerated my journey of truth. I am shredding layers of distortions and revealing my authentic, true self. Pamela has a way of clearing distortions, and leading your soul to remember who you truly are. Remembering your true, authentic self. I am now able to see clearer, and am able to observe and just - “be”. The fact that you, yes I mean you... are reading this, most likely means that you were guided here. This is just the beginning, the beginning of your journey."

Rosie F.
Founder of Ascended Truths, LLC

"I was always able to feel spirit from the time I was young but in working with Pam I have developed clairaudience and have also met my Spirit Team, it’s been an incredible journey! Through classes, attunements, and the membership group I have learned how to trust my own intuition, develop my psychic abilities, and basically step into my own power. "

Daynna La Fountaine Jones
Reiki Master

Who Is the Soul Authority Academy for?

It's for spiritual seekers who are interested in learning, practicing, and receiving energy healing.  If you feel called to be of service to others, you need to start by healing yourself first.  Here in the Academy you'll receive the ongoing healing, guidance, and training you'll need to claim your spiritual gifts and fulfill your life purpose.  


I created Soul Authority Academy as a way to offer powerful spiritual healings and ongoing training and support to clear the true cause of any problem--your emotional distortions--to get to the root of it and remove it.

I help you to release the past which is the only thing that prevents you from manifesting what you want right now. I am so excited to support you on your journey!.

If you're thinking that this might work for others but it won't work for you, I encourage you to join us and let the miracles and transformation speak for themselves.

I look forward to seeing you on the inside! 

Big Love, 


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