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What is an Attunement? What are Activations? 

An attunement brings a person into harmony with something they are seeking to embody or manifest. 

For example, in the healing modality known as Reiki, a student  is attuned to the healing power of this Universal life force energy, by a Reiki Master teacher.  

All it takes is a single Reiki attunement to turn a student into a Reiki Level practitioner.

Pamela's attunements are a form of healing for your Soul.

Soon after Pamela began teaching Reiki in 2015, she was guided to create Soul Attunements to help her students heal so they could go even deeper with their spiritual transformation.  

Pamela's attunements essentially connect you with your own Spirit team for healing and spiritual/personal growth. 

These Soul Attunements bring you into harmony with powerful transformative spiritual energies that match your healing intention. 

At the same time, each attunement calls in the assistance  of guides, angels, and other higher beings.

This is one reason why Pamela's healings last beyond the allotted time she spends with someone.  It is normal for the healing to continue for up to 48 hours.  

What is an Activation? 

An Activation ignites an ability or a gift has been dormant within someone or needs further strengthening.  Not to be confused with an attunement which harmonizes and can even heal or transform.

Using her abilities as a psychic channel who has worked with the spirit world for over 30 years, Pamela helps people break free of their distorted limiting beliefs so they can become Who They Really Are...God/Source in a physical body.


How to Use Soul Attunements

While it's possible for a Soul Attunement to lead to instant healing.  (There was someone who healed their addiction to marijuana in one session.) it's usually necessary to work with an attunement for a period of time. Just how long depends on you, as each person is unique.  

When you run the attunement--and you do that by simply listening or watching it again---you reactivate the healing frequencies and the assistance of your Spirit team.

So use your attunement as often as you like or for as long as you need to.  Pamela recommends using an attunement for at least 30 days to receive the most benefit.

There are even clients who have used Soul Attunements for several months with great success!

Whenever you use an attunement be sure to ask your Spirit team (you don't have to know their names) for whatever help you need. 

Ask and it shall be given! 




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