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Energize Me! Attunement

The Energize Me! Attunement that was conducted during a live webinar, clears blockages and related distorted patterns of beliefs, programs, and patterns that hinder the free and balanced flow of your energy.

This attunement restores your body to a state of ease and harmony.

While the word "energize" implies an energy boost, and this often indeed happens, this attunement is far more than that!

Expect to experience the even flow of energy that your body was always meant to have. Not too much, not too little, but what is appropriate for you in this moment.

The attunement can be run on a daily basis to help you clear stagnant energy so that you can feel energized in the highest and best way.

Energize Me! Attunement Testimonials

It was amazing! I was in a really good mood and even had energy to play with my 3yr old. At the same time though, I was really calm and relaxed. Not tired but I felt at peace and happy. ---Jennifer Constantino

I felt tired right before the attunement then after I was good. I also slept really well last night. -- Daynna Jones

WOW! It felt like a bomb went off in my body clearing out all the junk that’s been stagnant. Once Archangel Michael cut the cords, Archangel Raphael came in and filled my body with white light. I felt so much lighter. My hands are still tingling! What a great attunement!!! Mahalo Pam! -- Dallas Marie Cabalse 

Note: Some people may feel the opposite of energized---fatigued. This usually indicates a detox,  the release of a lot of stagnant energy as old patterns clear. On the other hand you might feel a bit hyper and have difficulty sleeping. This too is a sign of that blockages were cleared and a healing that is being integrated. 

Of course, always use commonsense. If you feel unwell at any time please seek professional medical care.

*Disclaimer: As with all forms of energy healing, attunements are not a substitute for professional medical treatment and care.  Energy healing is not approved by the FDA and no promises or guarantees can be made.  If you experience any difficulty or issue as a result of using an attunement please consult a licensed physician or another healthcare provider immediately. 

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