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Healing Financial Stress 2.0 Attunement Webinar

Heal past life patterns, programming, and limiting beliefs that are creating your financial stress!  If you feel stuck in fear about money or security, it's time to raise your vibe and go free! 

(This attunement is discounted only until 5/10, after which it will return to its regular price of $37 for the rest of 2020)

The root chakra is all about physical safety and security, including your financial stability and abundance. Here in this energy center is where you will either experience abundance or lack.
Due to past life trauma as well as ancestral patterns you've inherited from your family, you may be burdened with negative, limiting beliefs about money and your physical safety/security. 
This is not your fault!  However these influences must be cleared if you want to break free of the past and step into success and prosperity.  
In this popular webinar, Pamela helps you release what's in your way and even more importantly---bring in higher spiritual energies and frequencies to upgrade your energy field.  
This is important because it's your energy field that creates your reality! 
Note: This attunement was recently updated to reflect the need for even deeper healing of stress, trauma, and fear due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Attunements are recommended to be replayed if you'd like to go deeper into shifting old patterns and limiting beliefs.  You can never over do this!  But please do not listen to Pamela's attunement while operating heavy machinery as some people have reported entering a trance state.

This energy work is incredibly powerful! 

This attunement pairs perfectly with the Soul Prosperity Attunement that downloads your soul's blueprint for your prosperity.  

*Disclaimer: As with all forms of energy healing, attunements are not a substitute for professional medical treatment and care.  Energy healing is not approved by the FDA and no promises or guarantees can be made.  If you experience any difficulty or issue as a result of using an attunement please consult a licensed physician or another healthcare provider immediately. 

Sales of all digital products are final.  Sorry, no refunds. 

What People Are Saying:

“As a single mom who moved back home, has her own business and was trying to keep it afloat and pay bills, it’s been difficult and really stressful. Payments were always late and sometimes I wonder if I should give up on my business to get a regular paying job but that means I would be giving up on my passion. When Pam came out with the Financial Stress Attunement, it released so much!!! Within a week of me listening to it twice, I FINALLY paid off my car, my son’s preschool scholarship took care of the year’s tuition and I paid off another account! Positive things are happening in my business and I’m looking forward to what’s ahead”

Jennifer C.