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Healing your financial stress and security issues go hand in hand with increasing abundance!  Complete your Soul Prosperity upgrade by adding the Healing Financial Stress Attunement to your order.  

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Soul Prosperity Attunement

The riches the soul seeks are of the Spirit. - Pamela Johnson

Embody your soul and activate your spiritual prosperity. This attunement calls in your Spirit team to help you align with your soul's definition and perspective of wealth. As you begin to embody your Soul, you activate the fullness of your spiritual prosperity.

Prosperity is more than piles of money, cars, houses, and all the material trappings of our world. Yes, you can certainly have all of those things and more, but what the Soul seeks is far greater.

In addition to that, our relationship with money is often conflicted or dysfunctional due to ancestral programming and past life trauma. These wounds make us distorted and hinder our ability to be prosperous in a balanced, sustainable way that brings us joy.

No wonder people have difficulty making money, keeping it, and enjoying it. There is so much in the way!

This attunement will begin to gently, yet powerfully clear and heal those distortions with the help of your Spirit team of guides, angels, and higher beings. We all have a Spirit team, and they can help us heal if we know how to work with them. As your distortions fall away, your Soul's perspective on prosperity fills the void that is left, and you feel lighter, freer, and aligned with your Soul's truth.

The beauty of this attunement is it can be reactivated again and again to continue the process of clearing distortions, if needed. Instructions are included in your purchase.

Isn't it time you awaken your Soul?


*Disclaimer: As with all forms of energy healing, attunements are not a substitute for professional medical treatment and care.  Energy healing is not approved by the FDA and no promises or guarantees can be made.  If you experience any difficulty or issue as a result of using an attunement please consult a licensed physician or another healthcare provider immediately. 

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