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Shining Star Attunement to Clear the Pattern of Hiding

It's time to clear, once and for all, the pattern of hiding and being invisible, which many people have due to ancestral patterns and past lives in which they had to hide to survive and stay safe. This pattern is very common and may explain why some people are introverted and conflicted about stepping out and into the world, even at the expense of their own happiness and success. Spirit says being an introvert is a distortion because we are social creatures at heart. 

In this recording of my live webinar, I will help you connect with your Spirit team to help you shift and clear this pattern. Together, we'll bring in spiritual assistance and energies to help you clear the distortions and raise your vibration. The power of the group energy that we created can manifest healing miracles for us all. It doesn’t matter that you were not at the live event, you will step into the Soul healing circle with us now. So let's do this! Nothing wrong with wearing Harry Potter's Invisibility Cloak from time to time, just as long as it doesn't become your permanent uniform!

NOTE: Replaying the recording will help you continue to clear the distortion patterns that keep your Pattern of Hiding in place. The clearing of a distortion can take time, but eventually, with Spirit’s help, you can become free to be your true shining self, your Soul.

 *Disclaimer: As with all forms of energy healing, attunements are not a substitute for professional medical treatment and care.  Energy healing is not approved by the FDA and no promises or guarantees can be made.  If you experience any difficulty or issue as a result of using an attunement please consult a licensed physician or another healthcare provider immediately.  

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