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In 1987, I went through a near death experience that upended everything in my world.  Apparently, five months of non-stop channeling and going into trance will change a person.  At the time I didn’t realize what had happened to me, I just knew I was not the same person anymore. The night before this occurred, I went to bed convinced that I was dying.  I know it sounds strange, not to mention morbid, but it actually was a feeling of excitement!  A lot of things in my life had begun to change after I learned how to channel, but I wasn't prepared for what happened next. 

I woke up the next morning to find that my voice had changed and long-standing insecurities and fears that had plagued me my entire life, were gone. Chronic health conditions were healed. I was confident and fearless in ways that I had never been before. Just like that.  Years later, a well known spiritual teacher who himself had gone through three near-deaths confirmed that I had indeed had one.  I just hadn’t “died”.  


Soon after my near-death I had an out of body experience followed by an intense waking vision in which I was teaching people.  This was something I had never done before.  I felt a strong presence come into my body and I began to work on the people gathered around me, walking up to each one of them, lightly touching them on their forehead.  One by one each person swooned and fell backward in ecstasy.  I was shocked, but more than that, to be totally honest, I was scared. What the heck was this? 


My Higher Self had landed squarely into my consciousness, bringing with it my gift to heal as well as to activate people and awaken their spiritual gifts.   But I was afraid to accept what I saw as a mission that was way too big for me. I also had a bad case of what I call, “the Pattern of Hiding”, which makes someone afraid to be seen or stand out from the crowd in any way.  Yes, I had a bad case of that, so I chose to play it safe and just do intuitive readings.  Looking back it’s not surprising that I was never completely fulfilled giving readings even though my clients were enthusiastic.  I knew there was something more.  I just wasn’t ready to accept my path as a healer.


Yet from the beginning, my interest was always around healing, not psychic development.  I know it may sound odd, but I think I always knew that being psychic, as fascinating and other-worldly as it can be, was not that big of a deal.  What was and is a big deal to me, is changing someone’s life. Helping a person shake off their fear and insecurity and claim their power. Teaching people how to heal themselves and others. Helping someone open their heart, so they can love themselves unconditionally.  


Now that’s what I call a big deal!     

It took me many years before I was comfortable accepting my abilities and taking on my role as the healer and teacher I was born to be but as soon as I did, the response was overwhelming. Yes, it’s never too late to step into your life purpose!   My Soul Authority Academy membership program is where you can find me day after day changing people’s lives from the inside out, through my healing webinars and one-on-one sessions.  These webinars whether attended live online or viewed later, transmit healing frequencies to people that clear and heal what’s in the way to make room for downloading the higher spiritual energies that are much needed as all of us move toward ascension.


It continues to blow my mind to see how people’s lives are changing--and most of the members don’t even attend the live webinar, but watch the replay!  This is possible because time is an illusion and everything is happening now.  Once created, energy can never be destroyed it exists forever.


In the Soul Authority Academy, I give energy healings almost every week, I teach the real truth about manifesting on the quantum level of reality and I help my members master the art of manifestation since it’s critical to use this knowledge if we are to be the powerful creators that we were meant to be.  Many of my members are intuitive empaths who seek help in managing their sensitive nature.  Learning and mastering quantum manifestation is crucial for our evolution! 


Once we are free of our limiting beliefs and past conditioning, we are able to open our hearts and heal ourselves on every level.  We then become limitless.  Welcome to the time of the Ascension when miracles and magic are a normal part of everyday life! 




This is my favorite part of the work I do. I get to help people release their limiting patterns until they become lighter and freer and become, what I describe as, “happy for no reason.”  Which is the best reason of all because it means your vibration is set at a very high level.  Your ability to manifest an amazing life depends on your predominant vibration being positive, clear, and strong.  Do you smile for no reason except that it’s your natural state?  It’s possible to live like that when you are distortion-free.  

Everything you desire—money, love, intuition, success, health and wellbeing, come more easily to you when you are not bogged down by the past and all of its limiting programs, old energies, and dysfunctional patterns.  For those distortions live on within you and will continue to cause you pain until you clear them. 

If you’re ready to claim the happy, abundant, and healthy life you were born to live, I invite you to book a session today. 


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I wanted you to know how incredibly grateful I am for the soul coaching sessions and the beautiful healings that have changed my life.   

You were able to clear long standing distortions that I now realize were not just mine, but from past lives and those of my ancestors, and I can honestly say that this is the happiest I’ve been in a long time.  I have had unexpected moments of pure joy and happiness for no reason at all, moments where I tingle with feelings of love, gratefulness, and connection to Source, and it really is miraculous when I think of my struggles with fear and anxiety just a few months ago. 

The coaching sessions provided me with clarity around my spiritual gifts and purpose and the possibilities open to me if I have the courage to embrace them. I know I am growing and learning every day, preparing myself for what comes next, and I love the messages from my guides who say to enjoy the journey and be grateful.  The simple act of being grateful always lifts me up and raises my vibration. 

Thank you for all the webinars, attunements, and healings. I really like the group healings.  They are so powerful!  What you are doing is wonderful, important, and greatly appreciated. I am so grateful that my guides led me to you exactly when I needed a teacher.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! 


I've studied a number of healing modalities, and am now convinced that Reiki is just as powerful and even more importantly, infinitely safer than anything out there.  

You cannot be hurt or hurt anyone else using Reiki, whereas other systems can and do inflict harm.  I have witnessed well-meaning people wreak havoc on unsuspecting people they have tried to help.  

These are real psychic and spiritual energies we are tapping into, so safeguards are needed.  

Awakening your Spirit is the first step to stabilizing your intuitive and healing abilities.  

The Reiki that I teach is completely effective and safe, since I place emphasis on connecting people to their own Reiki team of guides and higher beings.   

Using Reiki, they can then co-create and work with Spirit in everything that they do. 


Definition of Attunement: 
Being or bringing into harmony; a feeling of being "at one" with another being. 


It began with a vision.  

​I was standing in front of a group of about eight people.  They were gathered in front of me in a semi-circle.  

I appeared to be teaching them, though this was many years before I began teaching.  

Suddenly, I felt myself being pulled up and out of my body into a narrow corridor.  As I lifted up, a 'Being" passed me in the corridor, as it made its way down.  

To my amazement, the Being entered my body, took over and continued to talk to the group.  I didn't know it at the time, but I would later find out this was my Higher Self. 

The Being proceeded to walk up to each person in the circle, lightly touching their third eye (between the physical eyes), and  they fell backwards.  I was horrified, not because they fell, since I could see that they were not hurt, but because I could feel the power of what was happening to them. 

The vision ended and I immediately phoned a friend who was a professional psychic.  I asked her what had just happened.

She tuned into it and said, "Your guides are showing you what you have the ability to do, if you choose to."  

Well, I wasn't ready for that!  In fact it's taken me many years to feel ready to step into my role as the "third eye activator."  
Make that, a third eye AND an emotional activator, which is what a respected channeler recently dubbed me.  If you hang out with me long enough, you will start to clear your emotional body and open up spiritually. 

Consider starting with one of my attunements.  Whichever one calls to you.  You can't go wrong.  

My attunements activate the healing I witnessed in the vision I had,  as the attunements call in spiritual assistance uniquely crafted for you by your own Spirit team of guides and higher beings.  

Read the testimonials (under "Praise") and go through the list of attunements.  

Trust your intuition on this.  You are just one attunement away from transforming your life from the inside out, with the help of  Spirit.

Abundance is a blessing from Spirit

Blessings of Peace, Healing and Love,

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