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Pam and Alan Johnson are the authors of the soon-to-be-published book, Supernatural Love, a True Story of Life and Love After Death.  Their ground-breaking book chronicles the incredible, true story about how Alan returned to Pam from the other side after his death, claiming that they had a soul contract to continue their marriage and be of service to others.

The second chapter of their relationship began when Pam felt compelled to share the details of Alan’s reemergence into her life with her Facebook group, a group that Alan himself had asked her to form.  Several group members began experiencing Alan for themselves.  A few of them even saw and communicated with Alan directly.  

Pam bared her heart and her soul with her group, sharing Alan’s loving messages and her extraordinary experiences with him as they unfolded.  Three weeks after Alan passed, he asked Pam to give psychic readings and healings with him, which she agreed to reluctantly at first since she saw herself more as a healer than a psychic reader. 

Within twenty-four hours after Pam agreed to give readings with Alan, someone called asking to book a session. Alan had promised Pam that he would find a client and he had!  An incredible feat given that Alan had stopped giving readings for 3 years.  Clients had long since stopped calling.  Within three weeks, just on word of mouth alone within the Facebook group, they had 57 readings booked and paid by their members. At the end of 2 and half months, they had completed over 150 readings together.

They see their primary mission as teaching people how to directly communicate with loved ones on the other side so they can continue their relationships just as Pam and Alan are doing. 

Alan continues to teach Pam how to see and feel him so they can have a full relationship.  He has promised her that she will even see him physically.  As she already hears Alan clearly, this will take their relationship to the next level. 

Their ultimate goal is to shred the veil that separates the physical world from the non-physical so that the two worlds become one. 

This is what is required for humanity to enter the Fifth Dimension of Love.  

Alan and Pam conduct private readings and healing sessions online via Zoom, mentor clients to connect with loved ones on the other side, and offer weekly events in their private Facebook group, Supernatural Love and Life After Death.

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I wanted you to know how incredibly grateful I am for the soul coaching sessions and the beautiful healings that have changed my life.   

You were able to clear long standing distortions that I now realize were not just mine, but from past lives and those of my ancestors, and I can honestly say that this is the happiest I’ve been in a long time.  I have had unexpected moments of pure joy and happiness for no reason at all, moments where I tingle with feelings of love, gratefulness, and connection to Source, and it really is miraculous when I think of my struggles with fear and anxiety just a few months ago. 

The coaching sessions provided me with clarity around my spiritual gifts and purpose and the possibilities open to me if I have the courage to embrace them. I know I am growing and learning every day, preparing myself for what comes next, and I love the messages from my guides who say to enjoy the journey and be grateful.  The simple act of being grateful always lifts me up and raises my vibration. 

Thank you for all the webinars, attunements, and healings. I really like the group healings.  They are so powerful!  What you are doing is wonderful, important, and greatly appreciated. I am so grateful that my guides led me to you exactly when I needed a teacher.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! 


I've studied a number of healing modalities, and am now convinced that Reiki is just as powerful and even more importantly, infinitely safer than anything out there.  

You cannot be hurt or hurt anyone else using Reiki, whereas other systems can and do inflict harm.  I have witnessed well-meaning people wreak havoc on unsuspecting people they have tried to help.  

These are real psychic and spiritual energies we are tapping into, so safeguards are needed.  

Awakening your Spirit is the first step to stabilizing your intuitive and healing abilities.  

The Reiki that I teach is completely effective and safe, since I place emphasis on connecting people to their own Reiki team of guides and higher beings.   

Using Reiki, they can then co-create and work with Spirit in everything that they do. 


Definition of Attunement: 
Being or bringing into harmony; a feeling of being "at one" with another being. 


It began with a vision.  

​I was standing in front of a group of about eight people.  They were gathered in front of me in a semi-circle.  

I appeared to be teaching them, though this was many years before I began teaching.  

Suddenly, I felt myself being pulled up and out of my body into a narrow corridor.  As I lifted up, a 'Being" passed me in the corridor, as it made its way down.  

To my amazement, the Being entered my body, took over, and continued to talk to the group.  I didn't know it at the time, but I would later find out this was my Higher Self. 

The Being proceeded to walk up to each person in the circle, lightly touching their third eye (between the physical eyes), and they fell backward.  I was horrified, not because they fell, since I could see that they were not hurt, but because I could feel the power of what was happening to them. 

The vision ended and I immediately phoned a friend who was a professional psychic.  I asked her what had just happened.

She tuned into me and said, "Your guides are showing you what you have the ability to do if you choose to."  

Well, I wasn't ready for that!  In fact, it's taken me over 30 years to feel ready to step into my role as the "third eye activator."  But apparently, that and more, is what I came here to do.  And now that Alan has returned to me having embraced his own unique spiritual gifts, I am finally ready to be of service to others. 

Love and Life Are Eternal

Blessings of Love and Healing,

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