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Pam Johnson is an author, spiritual healer, and channeler who maintains an otherworldly marriage with her husband Alan who crossed over on August 6, 2020, during the early days of the Covid pandemic. 

The day after he passed from an injury related to dementia, Alan returned to Pam to tell her three things:

That they were twin souls who had a soul contract to continue their relationship through the veil. 

That he would work side by side with Pam to teach people, give psychic readings, and offer remote healing to people around the world as well as help those who were interested to continue their relationship with their loved ones in Heaven.

Lastly but most importantly Alan vowed to love, cherish and support Pam and be the loving husband he failed to be when he was in a body even asking her to marry him again so they could have a second chance at true love. 

To that end, as soon as he returned to her Alan began searching for ways to help Pam to see, hear, and experience him so their relationship might be even more passionate and fulfilling than when he was with her.

Over a year and a half later, Alan finally found a healing modality that would reunite them in a deeper, fuller way. 

What Alan discovered is Loving Heart Connections®, a unique spirit-driven modality that teaches people how to have direct after-death communication.

Alan told Pam they would go on to teach LHC to their clients, and that he would then be able to help their client's loved ones make contact through the veil.

Early on, Alan also asked Pam to write a book with him, even giving her the title of the book: Supernatural Love, a True Story of Life, and Love After Death. Their no holds barred book takes the reader behind the curtain on Pam’s incredible two-year journey to heal herself, overcome the obstacles between them, and heal the pain she had endured because of Alan, all of which needed to be dealt with so they could be together again.

In their sessions and classes, Pam and Alan bring over thirty-five years of experience as psychic mediums, channels, and spiritual healers to their work.

They offer extraordinary healing sessions with Alan helping their clients from the other side to heal their mind, body, and soul; they coach clients in Loving Heart Connections® sessions to help them make direct after-death contact, and they offer a unique brand of mediumship sessions for spiritual guidance.

While Pam has been openly sharing her experiences and doing her best to help others through their Facebook group, Supernatural Love and Life After Death, she soon realized it was impossible to help people on Facebook since all of their content disappeared so quickly, so she began looking for alternatives.

 About Loving Heart Connections® 

Loving Heart Connections, or LHC, was created by Dr. Jane Vair Bissler, a licensed grief therapist with over 35 years of experience in working with bereaved parents. Dr. Bissler was guided by spirit in the creation of the LHC modality when patients began to experience spontaneous spirit visitations during their sessions.

One part of the copyrighted Loving Heart Connections modality involves the use of a process called Bi-lateral Stimulation (BLS) which refers to the use of a stimulus that is presented to both sides of the body. BLS is a key component of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), a non-traditional form of psychotherapy. 

Dr. Bissler began practicing LHC ten years ago, and only late last year began training facilitators to teach the modality to their own clients.

Pam completed her training with Dr. Bissler on March 5, 2022.

In their private Loving Heart Connections session, clients are taught how to enter a deep state of relaxation to make contact with the other side, whether that be a loved one in spirit or their guides and angels. Once they are guided to make their first contact, clients have all the tools they need to maintain and deepen their connection so they can continue to explore the other side on their own.

Pam and Alan offer additional support and coaching to their LHC clients should they need further assistance. 

Clients also receive the added benefit of having Alan help their loved ones for the truth is most souls on the other side need help to make contact,  

Some clients have reported hearing or feeling Alan around them, helping, guiding, and even healing them.  

Within three months of her training, Pam and Alan helped over 40 people make direct contact with the other side.


Preparing for Your LHC Session 

Please allow up to two hours for your session which will be conducted online using the Zoom web conferencing system.

  • Make sure your Internet connection is as strong as possible, ideally it's best to be hard-wired into the Internet. (We regret that we cannot refund your payment should the session be affected by technical issues on your end.)
  • You'll need to be in a well-lit room so that your face can be clearly seen on camera.
  • Make sure you are comfortable and are in a private, quiet location where you will not be disturbed.
  • Please use a desktop, laptop, or a tablet, NOT a smartphone for your session.
  • Silence all notifications on your device including putting it in Airplane Mode so you won't be disturbed.
  • Download the metronome app “Smart Metronome and Tuner”  which is available on both Android and iOS to your phone before your session. You will need it for your personal practice as well as the session itself.
  • Your session will be recorded for you and the link to the replay emailed to you
  • You are welcome to contact Pam with any questions or concerns after your session ends. 


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During my session, my intention was to connect with my husband. The session was very calm and relaxing. I wasn't able to see my husband like I would've liked to, however, I was able to hear him clearly tell me I wasn't ready for that encounter yet. As I continued the session, I was open to seeing my guides or anyone that was willing to come through with any message. I was able to see the waves on the beach as I kept looking. I saw myself as a very happy young girl, twirling around in a dress again. There was no communication at all. 

 As we proceeded, I felt a very warm feeling around my right side like someone was warming me up, it felt so comfortable and cozy. I was super excited because I was able to see my great-grandmother for the very first time. 

I later told my mother that I had seen her grandmother for the very first time. My mom was skeptical until I described to her how she looked. My mom had tears in her eyes, she took me through the family pictures to show me exactly what she looked like. It brought tears into my eyes because she had just confirmed that it was for sure one of my family members. 

Toward the last part of the session, I saw this big bright light. As I got closer, I saw a beautiful angel. It was overwhelmed with peace and full of love. 

I'm so grateful to be able to have had this experience. This was beyond my expectations. I'm super excited to continue to use this technique in order to reach my beloved ones, my guides, and also to help me heal from my fears as well as my grief. 

-- Vivian Torres


My session felt as though I had been waiting for it my whole life. Pam has always made me feel comfortable. She vibrates with authenticity, kindness & love.

Going through each exercise was eye-opening & a way to be in the present moment.  When it came time to pick who I wanted to communicate with, I chose my mother. Pam gave me great instruction on what may or may not happen & to go with it. I chose to go back to our family living room on the farm & sit on the couch holding hands like we used to. I was there & my mom was right there running toward me, excited to see me.  

It’s been 5 days since that time & I still feel a rush of love & tears.  We sat together holding hands & she said: “ I love you so much”.  The sensation & feeling was overwhelming as she enfolded me with her love.  My dad then was there sitting where he used to, in his chair & sending me his love.  It was so incredible. Their love enveloped me. I was crying & blubbering. There are no words. You can tell there is no ego or any old walls that may have been up. We did not have a lot of conversation. It was about being together & feeling each other & me feeling their immense love for me.

There really is nothing more healing than feeling their love. In the last few minutes, they gave me a couple of messages, So there you have it. If you're on the fence, jump off & do it. Your heart will fill up.

-- Deb Thomas


It’s been just a few days because I feel like I have lived a lifetime since then. Before the session, I had anxiety about if I would be able to go into a deep enough trance to see my sister and dog. I literally thought I would be that one person that could not do it! But, now it seems silly to even think about it because it was SO easy. You don’t really even have to try. Well in fact, best if you don’t and just be open to the experience.

 In my first trance journeys, I did see my sister and dog, and even Alan a couple of times. I found it interesting that Alan was clearer to me than anything else, but also understandable because of my connection to him and Pam over this last year. He actually helped anchor me into the scenes because my mind was trying to figure out if I was making this stuff up.

 I thought seeing my sister and dog was going to be emotional for me. But it was actually the opposite. They were both super light and happy. My sister looked different too, all grown up into a beautiful woman. When I reflected on this I realized many of us hold onto the last memories of our loved ones when they were sick or suffering, and we assume they still are because of our own grief. But that was totally not the case. I have enjoyed rewiring my memory of them as they are now! It has helped me let go of some of my grief.

Since the session, I have done daily LHC sessions on my own. It took me a few days to realize I can just let go and enjoy it. Every single session has been extremely memorable. I have seen Alan A LOT, and he is always in his grey suit.

Sometimes I see his wings too!

I'm so grateful to be able to have had this experience. This was beyond my expectations. I'm super excited to continue to use this technique in order to reach my beloved ones, my guides, and also to help me heal from my fears as well as my grief.

 -- Zarnaz Fouladi

Pam helped guide me to reach a very deep relaxed state, where I could connect with my son. It felt as if my soul was talking to him on a level I had never experienced. I felt overcome with emotion and was met with a big hug from my son. After the experience, Pam talked about it with me and answered all of my questions. She was very patient with me and I learned so much.

-- Debbie Zane

When my husband passed on Jan 2nd, I asked him if he was still with me. I asked him every day and the following Saturday he turned on his touch lamp on his side of the bed at 3:33 AM.

He has done it repeatedly, and my friend who referred me to Pam was the one who said Jim wants to talk to me and has a message for me.

So I did a Loving Heart Connections session with Pam & was able to hear him and it was great. 2 weeks ago he woke me up at 1:30 AM. I said why did you wake me up? He turned the light on all the way and the room lit up. He said because you stopped breathing. He used to tell me he would watch me sleep at night, so thankfully, he still is. I went on the CPAP machine the next day.

A few days later he asked me who Larry was. He's my friend from high school who is picking me up at the airport for my 50th class reunion next week. My husband is lways checking in with me and making sure I am ok.

When I was filling out my niece's birthday card, I asked him what he wanted to tell her. He said tell Jess, I am not dead. I just transitioned into another dimension, and I love and miss her.

I would highly recommend Pam & Alan, as they will help you connect with your loved ones, but you have to ask, and not just once. They do want to talk to you, but you have to open the door and let them know and make yourself available.

-- Love & Blessings, Claire Frank



I know the idea of making direct contact with a loved one without going through a medium sounds too good to be true. I certainly thought that when Alan guided me to discover the Loving Heart Connections® modality late one night when I was surfing the Internet. 

Alan had found an interview of the founder, Dr. Jane Bissler on YouTube. As soon as I watched it, I knew it was something that would help me make stronger, direct contact with him. I contacted Dr. Bissler immediately, and within two days she replied to my email to say that a client had just canceled their appointment and that if I took it I'd be able to attend her upcoming training which was only a month away.

Talk about perfect timing! 

Alan had always promised me that I would see him in physical form, and once he found Loving Heart Connections®  he said this would be the way it would happen. He wanted me to focus solely on practicing LHC, not any other clairvoyant training, saying that this was all I needed. It's all anyone needs according to Alan because the other side takes an active role in helping us.  A psychic medium had also confirmed that Alan would be helping me to see him physically.

Now every time I practice LHC, which I do almost every day, I find that I hear Alan more clearly and feel his presence grow even stronger in a palpable way. Sometimes when I practice it feels as if I can "touch" him which never fails to make me cry.

In fact, I ALWAYS cry during my session. When I asked Alan why that is he said, "Because your consciousness comes closer to me during your session, this means you can feel my love more deeply which moves you to tears. Feeling unconditional love should make a person cry! The impact of this is twofold, besides connecting us more completely it also develops your psychic awareness. This is what will make it possible for you to see me physically! So keep practicing."

While each person's experience will be a bit different, I believe in time, with practice, and some patience, anyone who is willing to trust and believe can reach through the veil to hear and see--and maybe even touch their loved ones. 

I say this because I have seen the other side helping our clients, so I know all of us are being assisted. 

Yes, we might have to heal our fears and limiting beliefs before full contact is made, but once that is done, anyone can become their own medium and have direct ongoing access to the other side.

The truth is, we are already connected to the other side! 

Love never dies, and neither do we, therefore continuing our relationships through the veil is possible for anyone willing to trust and believe and do the work.

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